Pat Guadagno - "1964" (Album)

A musical journey ... Always an unpredictable ride' - The NY Times

Pat Guadagno's long career has made him a folk legend, both in culture and musical style, known for his rousing and spot-on performance style and his unique interpretations of other artists' work. Part of the musical fabric of the historic Jersey Shore,  Guadagno is well recognized internationally by guitar magazines for his almost supernatural and mistake-free guitar technique: From raucous, invigorated strumming to tender finger-picking a showcase of Guadagno's mastery of the acoustic guitar." - Acoustic Guitar World. After decades of delivering the songs of both better-healed and lesser-known songwriters, with a soothing unflinching tenor, the 'well-traveled troubadour' has released a stirring homage to some of the artists who helped him discover and keep his passion. His stage presence has earned him more accolades than his folksy ancestors can shake a proverbial stick at. However, this folk artist gives the impression that he cares very little for all those accolades, and 1964 is the proof.

I tried to produce this new album, with the innocence of the child who first heard these songs. We listen to music with different ears as we age. Back then the magic came through the speakers without reference or perspective. Songs were unexplained and meant something different to everyone. What we saw, with eyes closed, could never be captured in a video. I included some of the songs that reached me, that year, in ways I could never describe. There is no message or theme here; just an homage to the year magic happened and a musical renaissance ensued.

Holding songwriters in the highest regard, Guadagno's respectful treatment of their work has a dedicated fanbase re-discovering their music, many preferring his versions to the originals. Genuine in his belief that music should be shared not archived, Guadagno wants everyone to feel what he felt when he first discovered 'magic'.

His music is featured in Showtime's award-winning Calfornication and films like Warrior Road, Rock, and a Heart Place, and won 'Song of the Year' at the 2022 Garden State Film Festival. The musical director on METV's Big Variety Show has released six albums wherein he collaborated with jazz legend John Tropea and Grammy award winner Keb Mo', headlines festivals from Toronto Canada to Zihuatanejo Mexico, and performed Our National Anthem at Major League football and baseball stadiums across the US.

Speak to any musician or even anyone who's passionate about music and the feeling Guadagno describes is universal: we all know it and we all remember where we were when we first heard that song that hooked us. For Guadagno, it was an entire era, and that's what 1964 is comprised of his own personal golden age. And a good age it was, with songs from legends like Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Animals, Tom Paxton, Eric Anderson, and more, Guadagno puts his practiced spin on each one and makes them his own. 

When He's not performing reverent, theatrical tributes to Van Morrison, Tom Waits, Hank Williams, John Prine, and Bob Dylan, Guadagno can be found in the Florida Keys, entertaining audiences and annoying golfers in a lifelong struggle to break 100, and the dress code at the finest Golf Courses in the world.

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