Berlin-based Avantgarde Musician and Producer K4LT casts a long, disquieting shadow on his new single "LCPD", released May 2nd on streaming platforms. This visionary multi-instrumentalist doesn't merely embrace darkness in his work. He makes himself completely at home expressing bleak truths and cold emotion, masterfully combining Alternative, Indie, Avantgarde, Post-Punk, Doom and Dark Wave sounds to form a formidable original sound.

"LCPD" is K4LT´s first single in two years and addresses one of the most painful breakup types: An amicable one. Since the release of the first EP "Endgame", the loss of loved ones and various other personal setbacks lead to probably the most difficult time in K4LT´s life. As a reaction, his sound has been refined into a less rock-orientated, slightly calmer and more structured approach, while still keeping the ominous overall aesthetic. Synths, including a modded Omnichord, play am even bigger part in K4LT's sound now. The guitar is just a layer for that desperate feel instead of playing riffs or lead.

Fans of artists like Radiohead, Burial, Low, Mogwai and Richard Dawson will appreciate K4LT's latest single. In contradiction to society's current universal accessibility of perfection, K4LT´s music leaves room for imperfections and forms those into a display of contemporary, mobile-first insecurity and despair. K4LT's original vision is fraught with existential tension, while ever pushing for the light at the end of the tunnel.

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