27Delly feat. TRAVI - "Lambo On Fire"

27Delly is Harlem's youngest in charge. The multi-hyphenate has found a way to separate himself again with his TRAVI-assisted single, "Lambo On Fire." The exciting new single features Delly's take on the unique sound that has NYC buzzing. Although Drill is super popular, tracks like "Lambo On Fire" show the city's fun, upbeat nature that can bring people together. 27Delly is a pioneer in his region. He always strives to create something outside of the norm. 

"Lambo on Fire is a track to let folks know don't rush it. Nothing that comes fast last. You can purchase the Lambo, but can you afford to maintain the Lambo. I come from a gritty city where we all gunning for that Lambo but only those who know it's a marathon not a race to a Lambo get in that seat." - 27Delly on his latest single. 

"Lambo On Fire" is the second release from his forthcoming EP, Wake Up. The new single has a new NFT available now via Glass XYZ. The young entrepreneur is more than just an artist; his upcoming art will set the stage for him to do even more soon. His ability to seamlessly wave between web3, web2, crypto, and streaming shows a forward-thinking mindset. 

For now, press play on "Lambo On Fire" and connect with 27Delly on social media to stay tapped in for more updates.

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